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Medical Services

Envision of world class facilities with the provision of high standard and quality medical services.



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scopeSince the foundation of Medisense Laboratory Center,Inc.(MSL) in 2001, MSL Group continually to evolve. We now have seven(7)ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certified medical clinics in different parts of the Philippines. We are implementing an international Standard in our management system. With 17 years of high standard and quality medical services, our company has established its presence in medical services in both Landbased and Seabased pre-employment for overseas workers. The mission of Medisense Laboratory Center,Inc. is to be a global leader in innovative high-performance medical solutions, contributing to quality services for medical examinations. The company aims to provide comprehensive quality medical services to suit the client's needs and we upgraded our facilities to ensure our clients satisfaction. Our focus is on people, as a company we put emphasis on the significance of our biggest asset: our staff. Our dedicated, customer-orientated team provides a personal and professional service to our customers, thus, building relationships along the way. As we approach our almost two(2) decades in year 2018 of giving high standard and quality medical services to our valued clients, the MSL Group will continue to be strong and united to achieve its continual growth as a corporation in the future.

Abdulaziz A. Al Hamoud

Why Choose Us

MEDISENSE LABORATORY CENTER has a core highly competent medical specialist accredited by their specialty boards and has passed the credential requirement of a medical clinic.The medical staff have passed the screening committee and will go on regular training and con tinuing education to be well-informed of the latest technologies in their field of specialty.

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